© 2016 Efrat Cybulkiewicz

"My passion lies in the power that is found within the goodness of every life lesson" 

Efrat Cybulkiewicz is a multicultural illustrator, painter, photographer and above all an all-round artist of Czech, Polish, German, and Colombian descent. Born in Venezuela in 1979 and raised in Israel, she lived a short period of time in Colombia, lived most of her life in The United States, and is currently living in Italy. No matter how obvious it sounds, Efrat's life is a complex and fascinating rareness. 

A self-confessed autodidact- Efrat rejects any formal training, preferring instead to develop her own touch and to serve the mind. Her primary purpose is to offer visual metaphors with the spiritual connection that reveals the sublime concealed within beauty in serendipity. And she looks for such inspiration deep under the veil of her consciousness, providing her with the meaning to all interactions with the outer world and personal response. A place what may be considered bleak and desolate, but is a space where she can bring out the resonance which lives within her; the purity that she won't dare fake. Her artistic creation must have an emotional content. Feelings of isolation, solitude, quietness pervade in her works. All close to her thinking, her experience, and her life. The version of her art takes a look at these profound pursuits. 

Efrat Cybulkiewicz started gaining recognition in 2016, when she was nominated among the finalists of "Show Your World – International Art Competition 2016."  Even though she did not take part on the event, due to a family emergency, her husband immediately set up a studio in their home, launching her art career. 

In 2017, Efrat became part of The Surrealist Movement. Known as "International Surrealism Now" the largest international surrealist exhibition and community in the World, dedicated to promoting Surrealism of the 21st century. Ground-breaking project presented by Santiago Ribeiro, Portuguese surrealist painter, and curator.

This site contains a small selection of Efrat's work. All content displayed is ©Efrat Cybulkiewicz so get in touch if you are considering using any of the work in any way.